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ISTOBAL TRACER combines the action of three variable frequency drives to control the speed of linear motion, lateral movement, and spin. All of these controls, managed by advanced software, result in a highly effective and rapid touchless wash, which also achieves significant savings when compared to other touchless systems.


ISTOBAL TRACER is an overhead wash module with a system of pipes in an upside down “L” shape suspended from the mainframe to apply chemical products and high pressure water spray. This unique configuration means that the wash bay area is completely free of obstacles, and thus any type of vehicle can access it with ease and be washed by the user in complete safety.


ISTOBAL TRACER is flexible, too, offering a choice of options including various chemical sprays, waxes, foams, on-board drying, etc…


It has a set of 3 pumps giving a flow rate of 126 L at 70 Bar. A stainless steel Venturi injection system with its own feed water pump.


The three 7.5 kW on-board dryer turbines guarantee the best quality wash in the fastest possible time.


A 360º electronic encoder allows the arm movements to adjust to the movement of the vehicle and to adapt to all types of vehicle. These highly accurate movements throughout the wash process help to minimise the consumption of water and chemical products.


The wash application system has been specially designed to include a safety system which enables it to avoid obstacles such as wing mirrors or tow bars for trailers which might affect the wash process.
When it finds an obstacle in its path, the safety system will unlock the spray arm and will memorise the exact position of the obstacle to avoid it in subsequent passes.