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ISTOBAL HW’MONO-ROLL is the new mobile single-brush system in ISTOBAL’s HEAVYWASH range intended for all types of small fleets both indoors and outdoors. Completing a full-service wash in less than 10 minutes without having to move the vehicle, this light and motorised standalone equipment is the perfect solution for the daily wash and care of transport fleets and buses.

The model is available in two different heights: with a 4,250 mm [13’ -11 3/8”] high brush for all types of trucks and with a 3,650 mm [11’ -11 3/4”] high brush perfect for bus fleets. With a galvanised structure painted in red, the unit has a 300 litre on-board tank as well as a set of batteries that ensure uninterrupted autonomy and operation for up to 30 wash services.

ISTOBAL HW’MONO-ROLL is a compact, easy-to-use equipment that does not generate any fumes and does not need either an electrical connection or a water supply. In combination with our esens® chemical products, it offers optimum results.